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5 Benefits of Walking

September 21, 2018
Tips and More

You may not believe it, but walking can be very beneficial to your health. Not only does it help you increase your cardiovascular system y also has other benefits. Creativity. Walking gives you an opportunity to clear your mind and get creative. Taking a stroll when you’re stumped for an idea go for a walk to […]

Drink Water

August 11, 2018
Tips and More

Our body is composed of mostly water, about 80% give or take an expert. Water has no odor, color, taste, and you can find it anywhere on earth. It is rain, creeks, rivers, lakes, sea. Water has a direct correlation to life on this planet. Without it, we would not exist. Everywhere you look there […]

Keep your Shoulders Relaxed

August 7, 2018
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Keep your shoulders relaxed when you’re getting a message. Remember that your body is already tense and hard to move without hurting. As you relax your body your massage therapist has an easier time getting to your strained muscles and manipulate the blood flow for a healthier body.